The 7 places Jesus shed His blood for our freedom


1/ In Gethsemane, Jesus Won Back Our Willpower

Luke 22:44 And being in agony, He prayed more earnestly. Then His sweat became like great drops of blood falling down to the ground.

Perspiration fell from Jesus face like great drops of blood as He wrestled with the pain of taking upon Himself the sin of the world and in turn enduring separation from His Father.

Medical doctors confirm that at times of intense fear or agony, a person’s blood vessels can literally break beneath the skin and blood will begin to come out of their pores like sweat.

Out of Jesus’ pores came sweat and blood because of the anxiety, the fear, and the turmoil He was experiencing.
But in this place of turmoil the obedient nature of Christ led Him and us as a result to a place of victory over our will. Jesus declared with eternal consequence, “not My will but your will be done”.

The first place Jesus shed His blood was in a garden because the first place we lost the power of God’s blessing was in another garden, the Garden of Eden. It was in the garden that man chose to rebel against God and exercise the right of his will to live in his mind independently from God.

When Adam disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden we lost our willpower to do what is right.
In essence, Adam said, “Father, not Your will, but mine be done,” and at that moment, Adam sacrificed man’s willpower in every area.

Jesus redeemed us with His blood from this darkened will, a will filled with the self-seeking nature of satan.
The word “redeemed” means that we are brought back to the original place, God’s original plan and purpose for our life.

With Adam’s disobedience we gave our will over to the enemy and lost our ability to say “yes” to all the good God has for us and “no” to all the bad the enemy wants to do to us.

When we’re trying to break an addiction we often say, “I want to stop but I have no willpower.”
But the willpower we lost in the Garden of Eden was won back in the Garden of Gethsemane when Jesus said, “if it be possible take this cup from Me but not as I will but as you will”. Matthew 26:39.

The first Adam disobeyed God to persist in His own will, but Jesus offered His will and the will of mankind in obedience to God.

Jesus blood has lost none of it’s power to redeem our self reliance and the weakness of our natural will.
As you open you spirit up to the life of Jesus, the power to overcome addictions and poor decisions will flow through your life today.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever and his blood still brings freedom to all who place their faith in Him.


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  1. The first article on the 7 places Jesus shed His blood was tremendous. When will the others be available?

  2. i need to read about the 7 places Jesus shed his blood. my daughter has been attacked and i need to pray for deliverance. from this site i got only one place, Gethsemane. Can you help me get the other 6 places? please?

  3. this article is vvery informative. I never considered that Gethsemane would be a place of actua blood shed. I am interesting in learning about the other six places where Jesus shed his blood.

  4. Great, am teaching a series of the 9 exchanges that took place in the cross,This is amazing, please hurry up whit the rest

  5. question reading the text above it says that Jesus shed his sweat like drops of blood.does this mean in color or that it poured out ?it says like with means as if or to compare???

    1. Jesus actually sweat blood. There is a medical term for this, it is called Hematidrosis. When the blood vessels become so stressed, they bleed out. Jesus indeed shed blood in the Garden of Gethsemane.

  6. I was up early this morning and Larry Huck came on talking about the 7 places Jesus shed his blood. But he only gave one. This is great, thank you for being here with my answers. I will go deeper and teach this with scriptures.

  7. This is so powerful; knowing God’s word gives us power over any and every thing that comes up in our life.

  8. knowledge is power. This is interesting, i believe God is undifineable by his revelation. May God keeps u up.

  9. I agreed with what Brendie said, as the scripture says the sweat shed LIKE a drops of blood, which means to me its not a blood,,, please can you explain more,,,but its really interesting,,,good to share the Word of God so we can learn something good from other people. God bless.

  10. Excellent teaching on the first place Jesus shed His blood. My husband and I lead the Inner Healing Ministry at our Church; kindly send me the teaching on the 6 other places where Jesus shed His blood for our freedom. Thanks in advance.

  11. Correct. .. like drops of blood meaning he was sweating if bleeding ..its controversial and really not worth arguing over but bled 6 times without any doubt and six also is the number for man or in other words man kind. ..something to perhaps think about

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